You just got promoted! Congratulations!

The only problem is, it’s across the country and you are going to need a moving truck to get your household in one trip. Immediately tons of questions flood your mind. How much will that cost? Can I drive the truck? Do I need to call my insurance agent to get more coverage? You think back to when your best friend rented a moving truck and ended up rear-ending a car in front of him. Was he covered?


Moving Truck Rental Insurance

If you initialed and signed yes to the insurance questions on the rental form, then you’re covered. That’s because you purchased optional damage waivers and supplemental insurance from the truck rental company. If you did not buy coverage from the rental company, then you are NOT COVERED.

You’re best off buying the rental company’s insurance. It’s inexpensive and you don’t want to add to the stress of moving by worrying about a truck accident. Contact Hample Insurance for a thorough review of this situation. We will give you peace of mind about your insurance coverage.


Now That You’re Moved In, What About Insurance?

When you move to another state, your auto and homeowner’s insurance will change. Insurance companies apply different rates to different states, plus state laws can differ.

Auto Insurance- You can contact your current agent for a referral in your new state or find an agent on your own. But most likely, you’ll need to get another agent (unless your agent is licensed in your new state). If your move is within the state of Colorado, inform us at Hample Insurance of your new address. Since where you live impacts your rates, it may make a difference in your insurance costs. Remember, Hample Insurance can insure you in Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Washington DC.

Homeowners Insurance- If you own a home, you’ll have to keep your insurance active until the house changes ownership. For your new home, you’ll have to provide proof of insurance prior to purchase. Even if you rent, you may need to provide proof of renters insurance as part of the lease. You might want to consider getting umbrella insurance as another layer of coverage. In the event you’re a victim of our litigious society, the umbrella coverage falls into place after your homeowner insurance policy limit is reached. If your new home is part of an association, you might want to consider loss assessment coverage. This coverage pays for a loss the association might assess to homeowners.

We know moving is stressful, and we don’t want to add to the stress with insurance questions. Talk with Hample Insurance to make sure you receive all of your allowed premium discounts and the best value and coverage for your situation.


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