Have A New Teen Driver

This will be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your child’s life. For you, it can often be the scariest. Luckily for you, driving laws and licensing have changed since you started driving. However, since technology has become more advanced, talking/texting on a phone and changing songs on an iPod can be mistakes your teen driver will make.

Teenage Driver Statistics

  • Teen drivers represent nearly 6% of licensed Colorado drivers, but they account for 11% of all traffic deaths in the state.
  • Nationally and in Colorado, motor vehicle accidents are the foremost cause of death for teenagers.
  • Per mile driven, drivers between 16-19 years old, are four times more likely than older drivers to crash.
  • Over 40% of teen motor vehicle deaths occur between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • The presence of teen passengers increases the crash risk for teen drivers.
  • Speeding and following too close are two biggest reasons for teenage crashes.

Driver Education In Colorado

In response to these and other statistics, Colorado changed and strengthened driver license requirements. Currently, 50 hours (including 10 night time hours) of supervised driving is required. During this time, you can only be accompanied by a driving instructor, a parent or legal guardian, or an adult approved by your parent or legal guardian. Depending on the age of the person with a permit, different restrictions apply, regarding passengers in the car and allowed driving times. Even though 50 hours is the required minimum, experts recommend 100 hours of drive time. Check with the Colorado Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle for the most updated regulations.

At Hample Insurance, we recommend your teenage driver participates in the MasterDrive driving program. MasterDrive is the premier driver education and driver safety program. They have been recognized and featured nationally for their unique program.


Protect Your Assets With An Umbrella Policy

What if your teen gets into an accident and the other driver sues for more than your auto policy limits? You may want to consider discussing the benefits of having a Personal Umbrella Policy with a Hample Insurance representative.

If you’re ever sued, your auto policy will provide you with liability coverage including attorney’s fees and judgments up to the policy limit. But in today’s society, that may not be enough. Personal Umbrella coverage kicks in after you’ve exhausted the limit on your underlying auto policy.

Hample Insurance can help explain how this important coverage can protect your most valuable assets you’ve built up over the years.



Insurance Friendly Cars For Teens

Your teen wants a car. Imagine that. You decide it’s time, but that the car will be in your name and your teen will be on your policy. You know it’s not only the car model you have to consider. You also have to think about the impact the car will have on your auto insurance. Insurance companies rate vehicles in different categories. For example, they may rate them for:

  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Liability

If the damage and theft scores are good, the collision and comprehensive insurance costs will be lower than other cars. If the liability portion scores well, you’ll pay less for the bodily injury and property damage liability portion of your policy. Because we represent many different companies, your Hample Insurance representative can help you make the right decision when buying that first car for your teenager.


Find An Insurance Pro Who Knows Discounts

In addition to helping point out how different cars can affect your car insurance, Hample Insurance will help you find discounts. They’re out there, even with a teenager on the policy. Some discounts include:

  • Accident Free
  • Good Student
  • Driver Training

Insurance companies price differently and because Hample Insurance represents many of them, we know all the discounts. We’ll make sure you do too.



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